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News, 13/07/2011

Siân Lewis is UK’s representative in Foreign Correspondents’ Programme

Siân Lewis has already gained plenty of international experience. Being raised in Spain and having studied in Italy for a year, she hopes the Foreign Correspondents’ Programme will get her acquainted with Finland and Scandinavia. In the future, the 23-year-old Siân would be interested in working as a foreign correspondent.

Siân Lewis is UK´s representative in Foreign Correspondents´ programme.Siân Lewis, a journalism graduate from University of Cardiff, will be representing UK in the Foreign Correspondents’ Programme organised by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. She was chosen for the programme due to her impressive work and international experience as well as her genuine interest in working as a journalist.

Siân’s grandfather’s career as a journalist during the Second World War has been the inspiration for Siân to become a journalist as well. In the future, she would be interested in working as an international journalist or a foreign correspondent. ”First I would like to work abroad for a few years, maybe as a freelance writer. Later I hope to land an editor job at a newspaper or a magazine”, Siân explains.

Alongside with her studies, Siân has been working as a freelancer writing stories for several newspapers and magazines, including The Guardian, The Observer, and Cosmopolitan. She tells she is more interested in doing features than pure news reporting. ”I would like to write international stories, like analysis of different global phenomenon”, Siân tells.

Keen on learning about Finland

Raised in Spain and having studied in Italy for a year, Siân feels she already knows Mediterranean culture well but doesn’t have previous experience of Scandinavia and Northern Europe. During FCP, she hopes to learn more about Finnish culture and Finnish people. “In Finland I would like to write a travel story. I like reading those well-written travel stories that make you feel like you where there”, Siân says. “I’d also like to write about how the Finnish media works.”

Finland first caught her interest when she was writing an essay about Finland for her European Studies. The fact that Finnish women were given full and equal suffrage as early as 1906 led her to study Finnish politics further.

Siân found out about FCP while searching the internet for travel scholarships for young journalists. After a discussion with a Finnish friend she got even more excited about the programme. She is looking forward to meeting the other young journalists and learning more about the country.

Being very active and enjoying outdoors, Siân believes travelling and staying abroad is good for people. “The more you travel, the more open-minded you will become as a person”, she says.

Foreign Ministry’s Foreign Correspondents’ Programme is a month-long scholarship in Finland for newly graduated journalists and students of journalism. The programme takes participants from all around the world to Finland for a month, where they are introduced to all aspects of Finnish society, from politics to economics, culture and the Finnish way of life.

Text and photos by Emmi Harju

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Updated 13/07/2011

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