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News, 03/02/2012

Newsletter to shed light on the services on offer to Finnish companies in UK

Team Finland London Business Newsletter is the new joint newsletter of the Embassy of Finland, Finpro's trade centre in London and Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce (FBCC). The purpose of the newsletter, published three times a year, is to share information and engage the Finnish business society in the UK in the planning of future activities.

The first newsletter can be found at the bottom of this page. All newsletters will be published at this website. If you want to join the mailing list, please contact Finpro in London by sending an email to:

During 2010 and 2011 the Embassy, Finpro and FBCC carried out a “Finnish Business Survey” which mapped out the expectations of Finnish companies operating in the UK towards the services offered by the Embassy, Finpro and FBCC. The survey concluded that the Finnish companies are less aware than expected about the activities and services on offer to them. The newsletter aims at addressing this problem by providing regular information about the activities to all those who are interested.

  • Newsletter’s target group are Finnish companies already operating in and businesses considering involvement in the UK market, as well as private individuals interested in matters of Finland's and Britain's trade and economy.

  • Team Finland refers to the report on Finland’s external economic relations, which has just been finalized in Finland. The "Team Finland thinking" represents the coherent and systematical co-operation between organizations promoting Finnish business interests both in Finland and abroad. The synopsis of the report can be read online.

The purpose of the newsletter is:

1) to tell about the work that the Embassy, Finpro and FBCC are doing to promote the interests of Finnish businesses in the UK;

2) to encourage Finnish companies to utilize the services offered by the Embassy, Finpro and FBCC in their own activities; and

3) to engage Finnish companies in the planning of future activities.

Newsletter’s publication schedule and contents: The newsletter is published three times per year, in January, May and September. Each newsletter gives a short report of activities and successes during the previous term, but the primary emphasis is to present planned future activities. The aim is that the newsletter would persuade as many of the readers as possible to participate in the future events.

With the newsletter, we aim at sharing information about our activities. We also want to engage the Finnish business society in the UK as a whole in the planning of future activities. All suggestions and ideas concerning the future activities, as well as feedback concerning the past activities, are useful for us in deciding what kind of activities best correspond to the needs of the Finnish business society. 

In case you have ideas and comments associated specifically with the Embassy, Finpro or FBCC, you can send them directly to the organization in concern using the e-mail links in the end of this email and each newsletter. General ideas and suggestions can be forwarded to the editor of the newsletter, Counsellor Sami Pirkkala, who will take the initiatives and ideas forward.

We hope you find the newsletter useful in your work!

On behalf of the Team Finland,

Pekka Huhtaniemi
Ambassador of Finland to the United Kingdom

Pertti Salonen
Head of Finpro Trade Centre in London

Jukka Jääskeläinen
Acting General Manager of Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce

Sami Pirkkala
Counsellor, Embassy of Finland in London

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Updated 06/02/2012

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