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News, 24/09/2012

Finland a candidate to join the UN Security Council

Finland is a candidate for a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council during 2013–2014. It is likely that the election will take place in New York City on 18 October 2012. The Council is a main body of the UN and is responsible for maintaining international peace and security. It has five permanent members (the UK, China, France, Russia and the United States) and ten non-permanent members.

YK:lle merkittäviä haasteita ovat suurvaltasuhteiden muovautuminen, uusien taloudellisten ja poliittisten voimakeskusten nousu kehittyvien maiden joukosta ja maailmanlaajuiset turvallisuusuhat.

Finland's advantages are its long-term commitment to the operations of the UN, independent foreign policy and an operating capacity which relies on competent administration of foreign affairs. Finland has a steady profile in the UN: During its membership of more than 50 years, Finland's impact on the UN has been more significant than Finland's size as a country. Finland has a profile as an active, diverse and reliable operator.

Comprehensive and long-term operations are a particular asset of Finland. Finland is a reliable supporter of UN peace keeping. Finland has know-how in military and civilian crisis control. Finland is famous for its committed action on human rights and development questions, different sectors of gun control, as well as work which intends to strengthen international law. Finland's focus areas for international peace and security are peace mediation and improving the position of women.

The candidacy, Finland's third attempt at joining the council, represents the nation's desire to take on more responsibility as a member of the international community. Finland's candidacy to the Security Council is a national project to which the leaders of the entire nation are committed. The Government already decided on the candidacy in 2002.

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Updated 24/09/2012

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