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News, 25/05/2012

Circo Aereo's hit show Petit Mal returns to the UK

Finnish Circo Aereo’s modern circus hit show, Petit Mal, returns to the UK in June. Wild physicality comes at you with nonchalant daring, on a stage littered with garage debris. Break-dancing and hip hop fuse with a Chinese pole, trampoline work and acrobatics. Petit Mal emerges from the Finnish underground, ready for a theatrical riot.

Petit Mal is an exciting modern circus show, filled with entertainment and action, and you can get a couple of good laughs while you’re at it.

Petit Mal reflects our disintegrating culture and world. (photo by Heli Sorjanen)Petit Mal reflects our disintegrating culture and world. (photo by Heli Sorjanen)

You take three guys, a stack of tyres, a supersize trampoline, a metal pole, a flock of fitness balls, some wooden planks and a couple smaller trampolines. You put them on a stage, shake them up and let them loose.

What do you get? Collision. Action. A large dose of "umph" and a great sense of "ouch," with a fair bit of "argh" thrown in for good measure. And those aren't just sound effects, either.

This is Petit Mal, the explosive show by Circo Aereo, a Finnish troupe. It's a performance that really makes you feel, through graphic demonstration, how hard the floor is against someone’s face. Maybe that's why they bill it as "concrete circus," which at first appeared to be a translator’s error that had sneaked in between Finnish and English.

But do not worry. Although near-miss situations do happen, Circo Aereo performer Petri Tuominen assures that everyone is well prepared for the show. “We usually learn to fix any mishaps during rehearsals, and we have a good repertoire of ‘correction techniques’ if everything doesn’t go exactly as planned.”

'Petit Mal' UK tour dates

Jun 01 - 02, 2012  Petit Mal, Stratford Circus London, UK
Jun 08 - 09, 2012  Petit Mal, Oxford Playhouse, UK
Jun 12 - 13, 2012  Petit Mal, Lighthouse Poole, UK

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Text by: Peter Marten for thisisFINLAND & Embassy of Finland in London
Photos: Heli Sorjonen

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Updated 25/05/2012

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