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Newsletters, 12/07/2010

The Times considers Sofi Oksanen´s Purge a brilliant piece of work.

What Westerners weren't supposed to see

Finnish Estonian writer Sofi Oksanen talks with us about her bestselling novel Purge. Already a literary phenomenon at 33, Oksanen has won every major literary award in Finland and her books have been translated into 28 languages. The Purge is now being published in the UK on July 15 by Atlantic Books. Read more

Moomins Cookbook reveals the secrets to the tasty dishes prepared by Moominmamma. (graphic by courtesy of SelfMadeHero)

Prepare a feast - Moomin style!

To celebrate the launch of Moomins Cook book by SelfMadeHero, the Embassy of Finland reveals the secrets to the tasty dishes prepared by the wonderful Moominmamma by publishing a monthly recipe until the end of 2010. In July, why not give your friends an introduction to Finnish cuisine by serving them Moominmamma's special oatmeal biscuits? Read more

"From now on, a reasonably priced broadband connection will be everyone’s basic right in Finland", says Suvi Lindén, Finland´s Minister of Communications.

1 Mbit internet access is now a universal service in Finland

New universal service obligations for telecom operators will take effect in Finland in the beginning of July. This means that a broadband access will be included in basic communications services like telephone or postal services. Read more

"I´ve been told that August is the best time of the year to visit Finland", Tom says.

Tom Finn to represent Britain in Foreign Correspondents' Programme

Tom Finn has been chosen to represent Britain in the Foreign Correspondents’ Programme (FCP) arranged by Finland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Taking place in August 2010, the programme introduces young journalists to Finland and its government, society, history and culture. Newly graduated Tom has studied politics, history and Arabic at SOAS. While in Finland, he hopes to learn more about the role of welfare state – including the world renowned education system. Read more

Turisas describe themselves as "11th century vikings on an epic quest for glory".

An ancient Finnish phenomenon at Sonisphere festival

Dressed in fur pelts and covered with warpaint, the Finnish band Turisas returns to Britain where they became a success story years before their breakthrough in Finland. Turisas relies heavily in ancient Finnish themes, but the substance in their songs and performance reach far beyond their appearance. The band is known for their vivid live shows where everybody enjoys themselves in numerous and often unimaginable ways. Now you can catch them at the Sonisphere festival, where they plan to conquer the main stage on 30 July. Read more

Veera Heinonen, currently the Press Counsellor of the Embassy of Finland in London, begins her new assignment as Director of Communication in October.

Veera Heinonen looks forward to new challenges at Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Veera Heinonen, Press Counsellor at the Embassy of Finland in London, has been announced as the new Director of Communications at the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. She will be starting in her new position in October. Veera is a seasoned media professional with a proven international track record. Educated at the English School, Vienna, she says she has been exposed to British influences from very early on. Read more

The legend has it that it was the Brits who invented wellie wanging.

Fun Finland: Wellie wanging

Wellie whating? Yes, yet another fascinating sport to have a go at while your travels through the country. Actually the Finns can't lay claim to having invented this one; that particular honour goes to the Brits, or so the legend has it. However only the Finns could have organised an annual World Championship event!

Text and picture from Ian Bowie's book Fun Finland (Island Media 2007)

Upcoming culture events in July - for further information, please visit our Events caledar:

15.06.2010 - 30.08.2010 Rintala Eggertsson Architects at V&A museum's "Architects build small places" exhibition, London

26.07.2010 Concerts, PROM 2; Meta4, London

30.07.2010 - 01.08.2010 Turisas and Apocalyptica at
Sonisphere festival, Knebworth

02.08.2010 Concerts; Olli Mustonen Piano Recital, Oxford

02.08.2010 Concerts; Vocal Ensemble Versio, Norfolk 

04.08.2010 Concerts; Vocal Ensemble Versio, Norfolk

06.08.2010 Concerts; Vocal Ensemble Versio, London


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Updated 12/07/2010

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