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News, 02/04/2017

Finland’s municipal elections 2017 – 342 voters at the advance voting in Britain

In the municipal elections of 2017, advance voting was possible in Britain between the 29th March and 1st April. In Britain there were 342 voters, of which 259 voted at the Finnish Embassy in London.

Suurlähettiläs Päivi Luostarinen äänesti Lontoon-suurlähetystön ennakkoäänestyksessä. Ambassador Päivi Luostarinen voting at the advance polling station at the Finnish Embassy in London.

The advance voting was possible in Britain between the 29th March and 1st April. The polling station at the Embassy in London was open from Wednesday to Saturday. In addition, there was a polling station in Edinburgh on Saturday 1st April.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is responsible for the organisation of advance voting abroad. The Finnish diplomatic or consular missions and their offices served as advance polling stations abroad. Voting was possible in 125 polling stations in 78 countries.

In Finland, the municipal elections will be held on Sunday, 9 April.

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