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News, 01/06/2017

100 Finnish things to do in the UK & Finland100 video greetings

Finland became an independent state on the 6th of December 1917. This year marks the centenary of Finland's independence and will be the most significant commemorative year for this generation of Finns.

Suomi Finland 100

The 100th anniversary emphasises Finland's strengths, such as equality and democracy by offering an international programme both in Finland and abroad, including the UK. The centenary celebrates an opportunity to better understand the past, experience the anniversary together and set the course for Finland's future success as an independent nation.

Here are 100 Finnish things you can do all around the UK. This list contains only a fraction of what makes Finland special, so if you have a fun idea of how to celebrate Finland's independence in the UK, share it with us and everyone!

pdf100 Finnish things to do in the UK

We have also asked some well known friends of Finland in the UK to film a short video greeting for the country's 100th anniversary. We will be releasing these videos one by one starting with a greeting from the one and only actor, writer and comedian Michael Palin. All the videos can be viewed at our Finland in UK YouTube channel.

Finland in UK YouTube channel

The hashtags #Finland100 and #Finland100UK can be used on social media. Please share the list and videos with your friends and join us in celebrating the Centenary of Independent Finland – together with your family and friends.

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