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Anna Reivilä: Nomad

Purdy Hicks Gallery presents Anna Reivilä’s first solo exhibition in the gallery and in the UK. The exhibition will feature photographic works from her series Bond: a study of the landscape through the act of binding and associating natural elements.

According to Japanese religious ceremonies, ropes and ties symbolize the connections among people and the divine: a means to identify sacred space and time. Inspired by Nobuyoshi Araki's images and their mixture of raw violence, beauty and the nature of bondage, Reivila’s photographs study the relationship between man and nature.

Anna Reivilä (b. 1988, Helsinki) is a land artist and photographer living and working in Porvoo, Finland. Reivilä studies for her MA at the Aalto University, School of Art and Design in Helsinki.

Open Monday - Friday 10-6, Saturday 11-6

8.3.2018 0:00 - 7.4.2018 0:00


Purdy Hicks, 25 Thurloe Street, London SW7 2LQ

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