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Service Fees

Payments by credit/debit card only (excl. American Express).

Fees from 1.10.2017Cost

Applies also for negative answer

PassportGBP 128
Fast-track passportGBP 146
Temporary passportGBP 160
Special passportsGBP 128
Passport for veterans of Finnish warsGBP 55
Identity cardGBP 82

Permit's for entry and residence
Applies also for negative answers

VisaGBP 53
Visa Facilitation Agreement (reduced fee for citizens of Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cape Verde, Georgia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Russian Federation, Serbia and Ukraine)GBP 31
Visa for children aged 6–11 (free of charge for children under 6 years old)GBP 31
Residence permit (electronic/paper application)GBP 383/428
Work permit (electronic/paper application)GBP 410/474
Study permit (electronic/paper application)GBP 273/328
Residence permit for a minor (electronic/paper application)GBP 201/228

Citizenship matters

Citizenship declaration (electronic/paper application)GBP 201/273
Citizenship declaration for a minor (electronic/paper application)GBP 73/91
Request for determination of citizenship statusGBP 46
Release from citizenshipGBP 365

Other services

Notarial certificate or authentication of a documentGBP 27
Postal fee for passports/ID cardsGBP 6.50
PhotocopyGBP 0.50
Assistance to Finnish citizens in distressEUR 40

Service fees are based on decrees stated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of the Interior of Finland.

Exchange rates 1€ = £0.91145 and 1€ = £0.88 (visas).

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Updated 09/11/2017

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