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Newsletters, 09/11/2009

Kidzone Online Christmas Calendar (illustration: Mauri Kunnas)

Christmas comes early to the Finnish Embassy!

The highly popular Kidzone Christmas Calendar is on its way! From 1 December, young readers can follow the adventures of the little elf Zac in a delightfully illustrated, 24 part story about sharing the gift of happiness with others. Sneak preview!

 Nord Stream Vessel

Finnish Government gives go ahead for Nord Stream offshore gas pipeline

On 5 November the Finnish Government granted consent for Nord Stream AG to construct an offshore natural gas pipeline system that will traverse the Baltic Sea. Read more

From left to right: Ambassador Jaakko Laajava, Ainomaija Haarla, CEO of the Technology Academy foundation and Professor Robert Langer.From left to right: Ambassador Jaakko Laajava, Ainomaija Haarla, CEO of the Technology Academy foundation and Professor Robert Langer.

Dr. Robert Langer delivers Millenium Technology Prize lecture in London

Dr. Robert Langer, the pioneer in the field of biomaterials, delivered the Millennium Technology Prize lecture at the Wellcome Trust in London on 22 October. Dr. Langer won the Millennium Technology Prize in 2008 for his invention and development of innovative biomaterials for controlled drug release and tissue regeneration. Read more

Winter scenery in Finland. (photo: Visit Finland)Winter scenery in Finland. (photo: Visit Finland)

Finland leads the world in prosperity

It isn't quite the same adrenaline rush as when Finnish "monster metal" band Lordi won the Eurovision Song Contest by a landslide way back in '06. But still, there's a reason to rock 'n' roll: Finland has been declared the world’s most prosperous nation. Read more

The name of the fragrance derives from Alvar Aalto´s idea of standards in furniture design. (Photo: Juha Nenonen, Artek)The name of the fragrance derives from Alvar Aalto's idea of standards in furniture design. (Photo: Juha Nenonen, Artek)

"Artek not a brand, but a mindset"

STANDARD fragrance, a joint creation by Finnish furniture and design company Artek and Japanese fashion house Comme des Garçon, was launched in London in October. The launch of the fragrance is one of the key events in Artek's upcoming 75th anniversary celebrations. Read more



JA JA JA is a new monthly club night in London showcasing the best emerging talent from the Nordic music scene. Read more

The Finnish Flag (photo: Visit Finland)

Finnish Independence Dance & Reception

Get your tickets to the Finnish Independence Dance & Reception on Friday 4 December! Tango orchestra Uusikuu performs Finnish dance music in the event organised by Finn-Guild and the Embassy of Finland. Read more

Fun Finland: 24 hours of darkness

Fun Finland: 24 hours of darkness

In the depths of winter north of the arctic-circle the frozen tundra of Lapland remains cloaked in darkness 24 hours a day. The hours of what would normally be daylight bathe everything in an eerie blue light. This is the 'kaamos' and is yet another of those not to be missed experiences that give Finland its unique place in Europe.

Text and picture from Ian Bowie's book Fun Finland (Island Media 2007)

Tuore Kustannus

Upcoming culture events

4.-18.11. A world premiere by The Royal Ballet danced to a score by Kaija Saariaho: Read more

10.11. Soprano Soile Isokoski and pianist Marita Viitasalo: Read more

13.-15.11. 5th London International Tango Festival featuring John and Nina Krook: Read more

18.11. Mannerheim and the Far East - A Horse Reaches China: Read more

19.11. JA JA JA Launch Party! featuring TV Off: Read more

19.11.-3.12. NICE-Festival 2009: Read more

20. and 28.11. The Man Without a Past by Aki Kaurismäki: Read more

20.-28.11. Traditional Finnish Christmas Bazaar: Read more

25.11. Clarinetist Kari Kriikku: Read more

26.11. Sustaining Identity: Symposium II curated by Juhani Pallasmaa: Read more

30.11. Omnium Gatherum: Read more

30.11. Insomnium: Read more

30.11. Swallow the Sun: Read more


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