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News, 16/01/2014

Team Finland has a busy year ahead in the UKTeam Finland

Team Finland network promotes Finland's external economic relations, the internationalisation of Finnish enterprises, investments in Finland and the country's image. Its operating model brings together key actors in these fields both at home and abroad with an aim to create a clear, flexible and customer-oriented operating model. Team Finland network in the UK is now following an updated stategy.

The Team Finland strategy 2014 lays out operational focus areas for the present year. It was prepared by the steering group for external economic relations headed by the Prime Minister, together with network participants, stakeholder groups and NGOs.

Although the Team Finland strategy is updated annually, it is not continually reinvented. A long term perspective and continuity are important, but new focus areas and objectives are drawn each year to make sure that Team Finland keeps up with the ongoing changes in the world.  As general objectives for 2014 the strategy sets out adapting to global value networks, identifying and exploring new opportunities and the more productive and efficient use of existing resources.

For the Finnish country branding work, the strategy suggests focusing on three key themes: cleanliness, design and competence. The themes will be brought forward through interesting events which will increase Finland's coverage around the world. All Team Finland activities abroad are carried out in cooperation between the state, regional Finnish players and private actors.

Team Finland in Britain is an active network, which meets regularly and stays in close contact with each other. The coordinator of the network in Britain is Lasse Sinikallas, who was appointed to the position last August.

In addition to helping Finnish companies in dealing with any problems when accessing the UK markets, Team Finland organises various visits and meetings. The network can also offer the Ambassador's residence as a setting for promoting and networking events by Finnish businesses.

In 2014 Team Finland will function actively throughout the year and events have already started running. For example, in January it is possible to participate in a networking event for London based Finnish people in finance as well as the monthly held Nordic Networking Drinks organised by the Nordic chambers of commerce.

Team Finland partners in the UK:
Embassy of Finland, London
Finpro Trade Centre
The Finnish Institute in London
Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce

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Updated 16/01/2014

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