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News, 20/12/2016

Finnish Service Design and Service Delivery expertise needed in the UK

There are interesting opportunities to Finnish service design companies in the UK market. Due to the growth of knowledge-based services in the UK there are significant drivers for service design and delivery processes and education.

The service economy is more and more driven by digital services: retail, banking, transportation, entertainment and healthcare. Due to this all social, economic and political agendas and models are changing.

The UK is one of the world’s leading digital economies, expected to contribute £180bn to the overall economy in 2016. Every aspect of UK consumers' lives and business activities are affected by the technology sector. Up to 80 percent of the UK economy is derived from the services sector. For every £1 UK businesses invest in service design, they can expect over £20 in increased revenues, over £4 increase in net operating profit and over £5 in increased exports.* In addition, businesses reported boosts to confidence, strategic thinking, brand and business identity. 

What Finland has to offer in Service Design? 

As Finland is a specialist in service design, there are interesting opportunities in the UK markets for Finnish service design companies - particularly in banking and retail industries. Finland is especially strong in areas such as user experience, big data analytics, smart retail technologies, user interface design and mobility as a service. 

The UK Service Industry market is impressive, but this creates a highly competitive business environment for the Finnish companies, who will need strong value propositions that provide compelling advantages over local competition. However, potential customers and partners typically appreciate Finnish technology offering and how it can provide answers to their commercial and operational challenges. 

If you are a service design company interested in this business opportunity, please see Team Finland Market Opportunities website for more information. 

 *Source: European Union Agency for Network and Information Security 2014

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Team Finland Market Opportunities: Finnish Service Design and Service Delivery expertise needed in the UK 

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Updated 20/12/2016

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