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Daughters of Penelope featuring Aino Kajaniemi and Hanna Tuulikki - Suomen suurlähetystö, Lontoo : Tapahtumakalenteri


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Daughters of Penelope featuring Aino Kajaniemi and Hanna Tuulikki

The story of women’s work in both the textile industry and in textile art and tapestry is a complex one and the history of Dovecot intertwines with both. This exhibition will look at the work of key women weavers and artists who have contributed to Dovecot’s history and present. Some key pieces in tapestry will be shown alongside work by contemporary women artists who are exploring the history and cultural identity of women expressed in their work in textile.

This exhibition interweaves the work of artists who are investigating women’s stories and textile histories with the unique story of women’s work at Dovecot, providing a new structure within which both can be held, re-examined and strengthened.

20.7.2017 0:00 - 20.1.2018 0:00


10 Infirmary Street, Edinburgh EH1 1LT

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Aino Kajaniemi
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