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News, 20/04/2007

Satu Tuomisto's new piece explores the power battle of a relationship

Mirjami and Mikael, a new piece by Finnish choreographer Satu Tuomisto will have its UK premiere on Friday 4 May at The Place, London's dynamic centre for contemporary dance. The piece, which is a duet for a male and a female dancer, focuses on ever-topical relationship issues, spiced up with black humour. It explores extreme competitiveness between the couple which soon becomes the core of their relationship.

(Picture: Roger Mapp)

A duet. Mirjami and Mikael. Stretched underpants. Both extremely competitive. Remote controlled cars. Great skills. I win. I’m sorry. Shall we go and throw stones in the lake? Physical contact. Laughter. Did you catch a fish? Let me help. 1970s wall paper. Shall we go to the sauna soon?

Satu Tuomisto's new piece begins with calm atmosphere. Everything is under control until genuine feelings suddenly burst out. Strong emotions are at stake. Lovers push each others' boundaries into extremes.

Tuomisto has included unusual elements, such as remote control cars, in her work. Mirjami and Mikael's crazy drive with the cars demonstrates the fast pace of their power battle. Another major element of the piece is a slide show that reflects the dancers' movements and their communication with the audience.

Satu Tuomisto is a Finnish choreographer and filmmaker. She graduated in 2000 from Middlesex University with a BA Dance Studies degree. She runs her own company Satu Tuomisto Dance in London.

Tuomisto's earlier works are Viivana (2006), Something About Us (2005) and Toxic (2004). She and Roger d'Olivere Mapp run a small arts-based social enterprise “Shake Ur Arts” that uses dance, film, and photography as tools to tackle social issues of young people.

Choreography and direction: Satu Tuomisto with Roger d'Olivere Mapp and the dancers

Dancers: Satu Elovaara and Giorgio Convertito

Mirjami and Mikael, The Place, 4 May 2007.

The Place

Satu Tuomisto Dance

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Updated 20/04/2007

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