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A website for the services to enterprises provided by Finland’s diplomatic missions

Team FinlandThe internationalization services for enterprises provided by the Team Finland actors are now available under one address on the Team Finland website. The goal is that enterprises find what they need easily and get an idea of the range the services on offer. More...

Finnish designer Klaus Haapaniemi launched his new collection at the Ambassador's residence

Photo: Iiris LagusThe Finnish designer Klaus Haapaniemi has been defined as one of the most important rising stars in illustration and design. Klaus Haapaniemi Co's new collection Nocturnal Bloom includes hand-crafted furniture, fabrics, pendant lights, traditional Japanese ceramics and silk sleep wear. More...

Finland has a strong role in the dismantling of Syrian chemical weapons programme

Kuva: U.S. Navy, Desmond ParksThe chemical weapon attacks that took place in Ghouta last year led to investigation of the use of chemical weapons by an UN-led investigation mission. The Finnish Institute for Verification of the Chemical Weapons Convention analysed the material collected by the UN investigation mission for the use of chemical weapons. More...

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