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Finnish presidential election 2018 – advance voting in Britain 

Vaalit.fiIn the presidential election of 2018, advance voting will be organised in Britain in the first round of election from 17 to 20 January 2018. If a second round is organised, the advance voting period will be from 31 January to 3 February 2018. More...

Presidentinvaali 2018 – Britanniassa 3167 ennakkoäänestäjää ensimmäisessä vaalissa

Kuva: Emma AlataloThe advance voting for the first round of the Finnish presidential election of 2018 in Britain was organised between 17th to 20th of January. There were in total 3167 voters in the UK, of which 2042 voted at the Finnish Embassy in London. More...

On the impacts of the EU referendum

Kuva: Emma AlataloThe embassy of Finland has followed closely the preparation of the UK's exit from the EU ever since the referendum took place in the end of June 2016. Negotiations on the terms of UK's departure and the future relationship between the EU and the UK have begun. More...

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