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How to apply for a passport

When abroad a passport must be always applied in person at the Embassy. Also children must visit the Embassy in person with their guardian when applying. From the beginning of 2017 it is also possible to apply identity cards at the Embassy in London. In the United Kingdom the Embassy in London is the only place where you can apply for a new passport or identity card. Honorary consuls are not able to process applications. Customer service at the Consular Section requires a prior appointment online.

It is the applicant's personal responsibility to check that their personal information is correct and updated in the Finnish Population Register Centre before visiting the Embassy. This means that the registration of birth, marriage, divorce, nationalities, name change or change of address has to be completed in Finland by a local register office (maistraatti) before a passport application can be submitted.

Local Register Offices

Passport and identity card related enquiries by email

Customer Service

Required documents

The following documents are required:

  • Passport or ID card
  • One passport photograph. The photo must be recent (max. 6 months old) and the head size in the photo should be 32 - 36 mm from the chin to the top of the head. Facial expression must be neutral (mouth closed) and background should be light coloured. We advice not to use photo booths or home made photos. Photos in electronic form are not accepted.

 Passport photo instructions

  • Applicants under 18 years must have parents'/guardians' consent. If both guardians cannot be present when applying then a written consent from the absent guardian must be presented. Also copies of their passports must be provided.

pdfConsent of Guardian

Important note:

Passport fees, process and collection/delivery

Passport fee is payable in pounds upon applying by debit/credit card. Current fees are available here: Service Fees.

Normal processing time is 1-2 weeks.

Passport can be collected from the Embassy in person or by a person authorised by the applicant. Collections within the Embassy's office hours. Upon request the passport can also be posted using a Royal Mail prepaid Special Delivery envelope provided by the applicant.

Previous passport becomes invalid automatically when the new passport is released. Previous passport must still be annulled.

Lost or stolen passport

Theft or loss of a valid passport must be reported to the police and a police report should be presented when applying for a new passport. The applicant must be able to prove their identity in another reliable way and provide a new passport photo.

Temporary passport

Temporary passport can be issued to a person only in a valid emergency type situation e.g. if a passport has been lost or stolen, and if even the fast-track application procedures are not fast enough. The conditions for issuing a passport are always considered carefully and on a case-by-case basis. In general temporary passports are issued only accordingly with the necessary travel plan for instance returning back to the country of residence.

Please note that temporary passport is not a biometric passport and and not all countries would accept it for entry e.g. USA requires a visa for temporary passports.

Dual passport

A dual passport may be issued without cancelling an existing one in special circumstances, such as when the existing one is being held by a foreign authority or where entries made to the existing passport by foreign authorities prevent the passport holder from travelling to another country. However, the second passport can only be issued on the grounds of special work-related or personal reasons. A reliable proof of these circumstances must be provided.

First passport for a Finnish citizen born abroad

Before a passport application can be processed, the child must be registered to the Finnish Population Register Centre. When the registration is completed and the child has a Finnish identity code a passport can be applied. A child must be present when the passport is applied. Please note that a minor will also need all guardians' consent and a copy of their passport in order to apply. It is adviced to take the Finnish identity number/extract from the Population Register with you when applying.

Further information Registrations in the Population Register Centre

General information

  • All Finnish passports issued after August 2006 are biometric passports (excluding emergency passports). Please note that passports issued before that date remain valid until their expiration date.
  • There is a chip inside the passport which contains personal details, photo, passport information and fingerprints.
  • The passport is valid maximum five years.

  • Children cannot be entered onto a parents' passport and have to apply for their own passports. Since 25.6.2012 childred are required their own passport and therefore cannot travel in their guardians passport anymore.

  • Temporary passport can be processed only in valid emergency situations. Temporary passport is machine-readable, but does not have a chip.

  • High quality of the passport photos is required.

  • Previous passport becomes invalid automatically when the new passport is released. Previous passport must still be annulled.

  • There is no need to leave your current passport at the Embassy for the passport application process.

Identity card

From the beginning of 2017 Finnish missions which also serve as application points for passports may issue identity cards to Finnish citizens. Identity cards are valid travel documents in 28 European countries.

The missions may issue standard identity cards only, also to minors subject to guardian consent.

The special minor’s identity cards issued without the guardians’ consent, identity cards for foreigners or temporary identity cards may not be applied for from the missions.

You must apply for an identity card in person at the Finnish mission, just as applying for a passport e.g. a current passport/Identity card and new photograph are required (check the full requirements). Identity cards do not contain fingerprints.

You must pay the full fee for the identity card when you make the application. Current fee: Service Fees

More information about identity cards from the Finnish Police website.

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