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Service Fees

Service Cost


applies also for negative answer


GBP 115

Fast-track passport

GBP 130

Emergency passport

GBP 145

Permit's for entry and residence

applies also for negative answers

Visa GBP 50

Visa for citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Albania, Georgia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo,  Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Moldavia

Visa for children 6-12 years (for children under six years free of charge)

GBP 30
Residence permit (e-service/normal)

GBP 355/380

Work permit GBP 375/450
Study permit GBP 250/275
Residence permit, children under 18 years GBP 165/190

Citizenship matters

Citizenship declaration (e-service/normal)

Citizenship declaration, children under 18 years

 GBP 200/265 

GBP 65/85

Notarial services

Notarial certificate or authentication of a document GBP 25

Assistance to Finnish citizens in distress

Transfer of money to a Finnish citizen in distress EUR 40

Service fees are based on the decrees 3§ stated by the Foreign Ministry of Finland.

Payments by credit/debit card (excl. American Express).

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Updated 02/06/2014

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